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and we are back. :(
it was a very nice trip but defintely not long enough...but then, are any vacations long enough?

i have uploaded most of the pics to my myspace if you are a friend over there, you can check them out now. if i don't have you as a friend, give me a link or something and i'll add ya!

details of our trip will come later this weekend...time to unpack and get ready for my 3 day work week...booooooooo to work!

Melody Grace has arrived!

She was born at 10:20 pm, 5 pounds 11 ounces, 19 inches long. brownish blond hair.
mom said the doctor showed up and 3 contractions later, melody was there.

my sister and melody are doing great!

i going to atlanta next weekend!!!!

i knew it would happen...

so...next weekend is our last free weekend for a couple of weeks since we will be in prattville for phillip's reunion, then in Enterprise and the beach for my reunion the next weekend...i knew that my sister would go into labor sometime before or during all our traveling...soooooooooooo...

mom just called and said they just admitted my sister into the hospital...gave her the first round of pain meds, called the doc in, she is 4 cm dilated and something about 70 percent effaced. on tuesday she will have been 36 weeks along...much better than going into labor back in january! i think those were the details...

so, it seems that this weekend was my last free weekend. i will probably be in atlanta next weekend to meet my neice, Melody Grace!

oh man i am so excited...


i love that show.
even though it made me cry like a damn baby tonight. i do love it. seriously, the last 15 minutes was me crying.

Part of what makes me happy this week...

this is only a small part of what made me happy this week, the rest will come in a post tomorrow...

NKOTB's reunion!!
they sounded awful...but man oh man...i am so excited...and during lunch out today with Ms. effy, we decided to be super NKOTB fans and go to their concert in Atlanta in October!
can't wait!

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to put it simply...tomorrow is gonna be a long ass day.
gotta be at work by 7 am, and since tomorrow night at 7 is our big Pre-K graduation, i have to go ahead and do my hair and all that jazz before i leave the house since I probably won't have time to come home and do it all.
today was rain all day...usually we set up the day before, but was unable to. we defintely needed the rain, but i would have preferred it yesterday or saturday or sunday.

the vcr is set up for the big event...NKOTB's reunion on the today show!! yeaaaaaa!! i will watch it when i get home tomorrow or saturday morning!

I am very excited about meeting up with effy on saturday for lunch!! some yummy mexican and maybe a small margarita!! i get to pass off some clothes to her since I have either outgrown them or my taste have changed.
phillip said he might be able to leave work in time for us to catch some mexican dinner with mariachi...but i doubt it. boooooooo. maybe next time.

even though i dread tomorrow so much...something good comes out of it, we are losing about 20 kids. some are leaving for the summer and returning in the fall, some are going off to kindergarten, and some are just plain leaving. i don't care...this bunch this year has defintely tried my nerves and i will miss them i am sure afterwards, but right now...it is just time for them to go.

guess that is it...i have several things to post to my "What Makes Me Happy" post whenever i decide to do it, probably will be either on saturdays or sundays.

i am enjoying a drink right now while dinner finishes up...then get my stuff ready to take to work tomorrow and then watch some Lost!


something that does NOT make me happy...

phillip has to work next saturday. guess who returns to our mexican place? the mariachi band.
booooooooooooo. anyone wanna partake in some margaritas, mexican and mariachi!!??

i am currently cooking tacos and enjoying a glass...or bottle...of wine!

**and a side note, i am beyond excited about my "What makes me happy..." posts. I have found myself looking for things that make me happy and have already taken pics of a few things!**

I thought this was funny since it came from my grandparents...

The federal government is sending each and everyone of us a $600 rebate.

If we spend that money at Wal-Mart, the money will go to China .

If we spend it on gasoline it will go to the Arabs.

If we purchase a computer it will go to India .

If we purchase fruit and vegetables it will go to Mexico , Honduras ,
and Guatemala.

If we purchase a good car it will go to Japan.

If we purchase useless crap it will go to Taiwan ... and none of it will
help the American economy.

The only way to keep that money here at home is to buy prostitutes,
weed, beer, cigarettes, whiskey, and tattoos, since these are the only
products still produced in the USA .

Thank you for your help & please support the U.S.

everybody in the club gettin' tipsy...

so, like last friday, a storm's a brewin'! on the way home the rain was coming down so hard that traffic just had to stop...then it started hailing...oh my, scary!

but it is okay...

cause I have Melon Fusion jello, made with coconut rum!

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i have Tropical Fusion jello which is described as Cherry, Orange and Pineapple flavors...what would you mix with it? regular rum or try coconut rum? i even have pineapple rum and banana schnapps, would you try either of those? damn i am pathetic. could defintely use someone to hang out with since phillip will be late coming home b/c he is tracking storms!

hehe, making jello shots...i am so trashy.
happy friday!